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“This habits course helped me dig my way out of months of stress that had led to insomnia, poor eating habits, an irregular exercise routine, and a lack of energy. By making small, simple changes with this program, I found my way back to better physical, mental, and emotional health, with a deeper connection to my body's needs. The community support and guidance from Colleen were invaluable!”

Jessica Dawn Pratt, Ph.D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

“One of the best decisions that I have made in a long time! I absolutely think that every human should do this program. Things in my life have transformed, evolved, happened in ways that I never thought could or would and the biggest thing being ME :)”

Mandy Johnson

“Thanks so much for this course. I think the biggest thing I got out of it was realizing that I don't have to stay within the constructs I've built around my identity; I can become who I want to be by making small changes. I can be the type of person who uses a Neti pot and meditates! ”

Jessy Brown, MS, CCC-SLP Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Therapy Abroad


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